Our Team



Todd DePastino


Todd DePastino is founding director of the Veterans Breakfast Club. Todd’s interest in veterans’ stories first grew out of his work as a historian. Todd is author and editor of seven books, including the award-winning Bill Mauldin: A Life Up Front (W.W. Norton), a biography of the famed WWII cartoonist. He has a Ph.D. in American History from Yale University and has taught at Penn State Beaver and Waynesburg University, where he received the Lucas-Hathaway Award for Teaching Excellence.


Shaun Hall


Shaun Hall is the Director of Programming at the Veterans Breakfast Club. 


Kevin Farkas

Kevin Farkasis an award-winning media producer who has worked with the VBC for years to capture, preserve, and share veterans’ stories. He is founder and executive producer of The Social Voice Project, an innovative public interest media company that partners with community oriented individuals and organizations. Kevin is also a Navy veteran who served aboard the USS Saratoga. 


Ellie DePastino

Ellie DePastino heads up social media and web design for “Truth About War.” She also handles print & digital media production for the VBC, including the VBC’s social media and website. 


Nick Grimes 

Nick Grimes joined the VBC in 2016 to head up our programming for post-9/11 veterans. Nick served in the Army from 2004-2011, including a total 27 months in combating Afghanistan with the 10th Mountain Division. He’s hosted the VBC podcast “Longest War” before developing “Truth About War.”